Artist statement

We need to flow. In every single area of our lives, social, political, spiritual, it is necessary to abandon the control mania dictated by fear that is instilled in us from birth.

Art plays a strong role in this journey toward reliance, and embroidery, which paradoxically is a work of precision and control, once extrapolated from the popular culture that restricts it to a craft and feminine context, is perhaps the most innovative and current mode of expression we now have available to us.


The recovery of old textiles, from old trousseaux, sometimes hand-woven and old cardboard or wooden spools, is for me the necessary step backwards to make two steps forward soon. I think it’s important now, right away, to put everything we have on the table, and start managing it in a healthy, slow, wise way.

ago e filo

Art possesses the courage of unconsciousness, the viewpoint outside the fury of the world; it is the only door to freedom, in every possible nuance. My works are snapshots of existence flowing unencumbered by fear and the hypercontrol that comes with it, the only life worth living.