Artist statement

Everything I do is driven by a deep respect for natural laws and a great impatience with the control mania that permeates our society. I have always felt that I am immersed in an energy field full of light, which must be allowed to flow freely in order to circulate love, peace, freedom, and abundance.

For this energy to flow, however, it is necessary to give up fear, relying on what is, remaining immersed in the joy for which we were born. Bypassing the mind, which should only be a tool, a translator, and instead has long since taken over and dictates the law like a ruler gone mad.

My intent is to walk this what I now consider the only possible path, avoiding all sorts of negative vibrations that would attract similar ones; not only for myself and my loved ones, but also as a small contribution to the whole, to everyone.


Art plays a great role in this path toward reliance, and paradoxically in my case I am able to express the abandonment of control through embroidery, which is instead the precise and controlled work par excellence. For me it is liberating to use old fabrics, from old trousseaux, made in an era that did not contemplate the use of plastics, synthetic treatments, industrial processes. Sometimes even woven by hand, or with manual machines.

ago e filo

Follow the pencil drawing with needle and thread, slowly, using yarns salvaged from old haberdasheries now closed, wound on cardboard cylinders, or organic, on wooden spools, which I then, once used, reuse for the boxes that enclose the embroideries.

I would like the works to reach the viewer like a Carver story, a photograph, a mirror. Presenting only the beautiful, the strong, the sorrowful, life as it is when it is respected and uncontrolled and how it instead sclerotizes worlds, individual and communal, when it is contaminated by hypercontrol.