– Good morning.
– Good morning to you. Please sit down. I finish a phone call and arrive.

He is standing facing the wall, unpacking typewritten sheets. I sit in a worn brown leather armchair and look around a little. There are a lot of operators at work here, I can’t see the end of the show. Despite this, the desks are so many that they have been forced to stack them almost on top of each other. And yet I have a certain sense of privacy, as if none of the swarming present could hear the conversations of others.

non luogo

– Here we are. I am at your complete disposal.

He sits in front of me and looks at me with very clear eyes, interrogative but neutral.

– What exactly do you want for your trip?
– I would like to do a small test of two or three months, if possible.

As I imagined, while maintaining a certain kindness, his face darkens considerably.

– Are you sure you want to take such a short trip?
– Yes, yes. For me it is only a small test. I’m not willing to move for a long time.
– Do you realize that we have extremely interesting trips right now? These are also quite long periods, with the possibility of having experiences that would lead to a great deal of growth. We have fun and relaxing options, but also many adventure trips, with different levels of complication, from the non-demanding to the “almost impossible”.

non luogo

It smiles. Some people think they can achieve anything with a smile. But I don’t even want to take it out on him / her, it’s just doing his job to the fullest, and his job is just trying to make us do the best trip possible, harming as few people as possible as little as possible. Unfortunately mine will be a different kind of journey.

– Listen, at the moment I don’t feel like explaining to you exhaustively the reasons why I’m not going to go away for a long time. In any case, I would really like to take a very short course. I haven’t traveled for a long time and would like to resume with some calm. Last time, although the excursion was relatively fleeting, I had so many difficulties, and I faced them so badly, that I decided to wait until I was really ready.

All I did was be scared all the time and I didn’t even enjoy a second of my choice. I need something simpler, then I’ll start again, maybe gradually.

The being rests the elbow on the table and the chin in the hollow of the hand, and turns the face to look in a lower left corner. He draws a slight sigh between the resigned and the sympathetic; finally he starts talking again.

– Of course, it is she who decides obviously. He has already traveled with us, so he will know that there are at least two options for the route of the type he wishes. You can choose between leaving the trip when you want, or finding a guest who can send you on your decision. In the second case, obviously, he has very few chances to change his mind during the work.

– Yes, I would – if it is possible – abandon on my own initiative.

– All right. I pass your data to the computer. We will have to wait a short time waiting to find the right guests for his situation. Even if you are already aware of what I am about to say to you, by law I must however make you aware of the fact that in any case, any decision you take now or later, even during your trip, may at any time exercise your free arbitrariness, both in a positive and negative sense. Unfortunately, during this type of journey it will never be fully conscious or able to take any “active” decision. But obviously you won’t need to decide anything. He will always be in a state of almost total unconsciousness.

non luogo

I move the armchair as far as I can, considering that the distance with the back of the one behind me is a few centimeters, and I get up with a half smile. I hold out my hand and when she / he hands me her I also hold it with the other, as is always used in this middle place.

– Thank you so much. When can I come back to get all the details and the travel plan?

– You will be contacted in a very short time, I will personally take care of it. I forgot one last detail, although in this case it is absolutely secondary; but I am bound to ask him. Do you have any preference about sex?

– Male. Male, please. I await your news.

I head towards the huge glass door that opens automatically as I pass. At the moment there is a fresh and pleasant fog and everything is very calm around here. It’s always so peaceful here. I don’t want to go away for too long.